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Lamorinda Residents: Don’t Miss Your Chance to Schedule a CYES “Green” House Call to Receive Free Conservation Upgrades

This summer, the Rising Sun Energy Center’s California Youth Energy Services (CYES) program is offering Lamorinda residents no-cost energy and water conservation services through a partnership with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), our local towns, and the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD).

What is the CYES Green House Call?

Rising Sun Energy LogoAccording to the CYES website, the CYES Green House Call with their friendly and professional youth Energy Specialists consists of:

  • A walk with you through of your Lamorinda home to look for energy saving opportunities
  • Replacing all incandescent bulbs with FREE energy-saving compact fluorescent versions (which use about a 1/4 of the energy!)
  • Installing FREE high-efficiency faucet aerators and showerheads (all the pressure without the water waste!)
  • Inspecting all toilets for efficiency and leaks
  • Checking the attic insulation of your home
  • Installing a FREE retractable clothesline to reduce dryer use or a FREE power strip to reduce phantom load from electronic devices
  • Installing FREE hot water pipe insulation
  • Providing energy and water conservation education
  • Emailing you a customized report after the CYES appointment

This CYES Green House Call program runs through August 6 and, as of this writing, there were still appointments available. Call (925) 388-6049 or sign up online to schedule your no-cost upgrade.

For more information about Rising Sun and its programs, visit www.risingsunenergy.org

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Are you considering selling your home? Our “Free Green House Call” is available all year round. Contact Dana Green at Dana@DanaGreenTeam.com or 925.339.1918 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the value of your home and steps required to ensure you earn top dollar when you sell it.

Pacific Union Releases 2nd Quarter 2015 Bay Area Real Estate Market Pulse Videos

Pacific Union has just released a series of short videos providing a high level view of 2nd Quarter 2015 results for various Bay Area real estate markets, including one for Contra Costa County and others for markets stretching as far as to Lake Tahoe/Truckee.

Links to each video follows:

When you watch the Contra Costa / Tri-Valley real estate market video, you’ll see cameos of Lafayette, but keep in mind that our particular Bay Area real estate market does not always behave the way the County does as a whole.



If you have questions about this, please do not hesitate to call. I can be reached directly at Dana@DanaGreenTeam.com or 925.339.1918.


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July’s Quiet Opportunity For Lafayette Home Buyers Who Stay Focused

It’s summertime, but in some real estate ways it’s beginning to feel like Lafayette in December – deceptively quiet.

Blue House with Family InsideI am always astonished by how many people act as if the Lafayette real estate market actually closes in December even when I can name buyers who are still trying to buy homes and sellers who are ready to sell theirs.  Helping these buyers and sellers find one another has created many happy clients over the years.

Even though it may feel like inventory is currently low, there are actually many great homes for sale, and many more coming down the pipeline. If you are serious about buying a home in Lafayette, I recommend you stay focused and tour every home in your price range. Perseverance is beginning to pay off.

Hunter Marckwardt, Vice President of RPM Mortgage, summed up the evidence of our current home buyer market opportunity this way: “Many pre-approvals from January and February are now going into contract.”

Are you looking for a Buyer Agent to help you find your dream home? The Dana Green Team is here to help. You can reach me directly at Dana@DanaGreenTeam.com or 925.339.1918.

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