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Exclusive Staging

Exclusive Home Staging...

Staging your home is one of the most important – and rewarding - aspects of our business. In fact, we believe in it so much that Dana has staged all her listings, since inception.

Our team, which includes five staging professionals, takes the staging process to new levels by utilizing our large inventory of furnishings, wall art, and décor to transform your home into a welcoming and attractive space that often elicits the question, “Can we buy the furniture and décor too?” 

When staging your home, we focus on three key strategies that help you sell your home for more money in less time:

  1. Defining spaces and scale so buyers fully understand your home’s lifestyle potential
  2. Broadening buyer appeal through décor that is attractive to your home’s target buyer and style
  3. Neutralizing the environment to help buyers visualize themselves living in the space

In addition to staging, you may elect to undergo other home improvements to maximize the value of your home. We are happy to recommend needed changes and to share our list of resources to accomplish them.