Love Lafayette? Volunteer Your Time

LibraryWe Lafayette residents are fortunate to enjoy good schools, open spaces, a walkable downtown, and so many other trappings of a fine community. Our cup runneth over, so to speak, and we know it. That’s why so many Lafayette residents heed the saying “to those whom much is given, much is required.” We are a community of volunteers. We give back. We support people and causes in need, because that’s what makes us stronger.

Perhaps you’ve found your volunteer niche. Maybe you provide your time at your child’s school, or at your church or synagogue. Maybe you stuff letters at home for a local non-profit. Or perhaps you simply fill a grocery bag with canned goods for the neighborhood Boy Scout food drive. Whatever your volunteer preference, it’s appreciated. Your donations – be they time, money, food, or counsel – make all the difference in creating the safe, supportive, and caring community that we call home.

Here at the Dana Green Team, our commitment to the community is demonstrated through our participation with Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE), the Lafayette Library and Learning Center, Lafayette Chamber programs, Lafayette Juniors Kitchen Tour, Children’s Hospital Oakland, and we are proud to announce a new partnership with Grateful Gatherings, on which I’ll elaborate further in my next post.

If you are seeking a new involvement, consider serving on a City of Lafayette commission or committee, such as the creeks commission, the senior services commission, or the youth commission. See a full list here. Or search here for the many local community groups and clubs that welcome participation. There’s a volunteer activity to suit everyone.

In Lafayette, where we are given much, we strive to give as good as we get.

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