Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Every member of a team is important and valued for what they bring to the table. On the best teams, members are interchangeable and able to rise to any task at hand. This is especially true of our team, where each member has a specific role, yet is fully versed on all aspects of every real estate transaction, and is able at any time to step in to any role.

I created Dana Green Team (DGT) 17 years ago with the synergistic foresight that a team of experts could increase innovation and productivity, and it has been my great pleasure to witness the fruition of this vision. Our award-winning sales team consists of six skilled Realtors and an exceptional staff that provide our clients with superior service and unprecedented results. From our agents, to staging, marketing, inspection coordination and review, operations, and technology, each team member plays a critical role in every transaction, and this creates a powerful advantage.

One of those advantages is our market knowledge. We annually represent an even number of Buyers and Sellers (by design) which means we write offers weekly for our Buyers and review offers weekly on our listings. In fact, our listing team alone has negotiated over 320 offers this year (to date). The insight gained each time places our clients at a competitive advantage and is one of the secrets of our success.

I teach courses to Realtors across the country and these interactions often remind me just how incredible and rare our team of specialists is. Thank you for trusting each team member and recognizing their value and passion towards your success! Teamwork really does make the dream work.

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