Take Me to Your Reader

It’s hard to imagine in our world of technology that sitting down with a book once filled the lazy summer moments between swim team competition, family vacations, and time outdoors with friends. These days, adults and children are more likely to be found scrolling through their phones than relaxing with a good read. But even the innovators who created and rely on technology are attempting to go ‘old school’ with their own families. Several Silicon Valley scions have gone on record about their restriction, and sometimes ban of, screens. Just as we’ve followed Silicon Valley’s lead in adopting technology, maybe it’s time to again follow suit by putting down the iPad and picking up a book. And summer is the best time to do that.

Adults, teens, kids, and even babies can participate in the Lafayette Library and Learning Center’s Summer Reading Program, June 8 – August 8. The theme this summer is ‘Take Me to Your Reader,’ and participants are encouraged to get busy reading whatever, whenever, and however. Participate by tracking your reading time, and become eligible to win great prizes like Oakland A’s or SF Giants tickets, Oakland Zoo passes, or a telescope set. Sign up here.

Check out your books at the library, or add books to your home collection with purchases from Friends Corner Book Shop where gently used and sometimes brand new books are about $2 each. They have a great selection of kids books, novels, travel guides, cookbooks, biographies and so much more (and your purchase helps support the library). Beloved Bel and Bunna’s Books in the Clock Tower building has a beautiful selection of kids books (and even a few adult favorites too) as well as a variety of story times. Check out the schedule here.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you read, as long as you read!

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