5 Quick – But Big Impact – Staging Tips

Effective staging is critical to marketing a home for sale. We’ve learned from years of experience that effective staging maximizes the amount you earn on your home while reducing its time on the market. So, when you list your home with Dana Green, she offers professional staging as a free service, including access to our team of professional stagers as well as Dana’s large – and constantly growing – inventory of updated furnishings.

Staging Attracts Buyers

Beautifully Staged Lafayette Home for Sale

Some homes for sale start empty and are fully staged. Sometimes we just suggest a few minor changes. More often, the work falls somewhere in between.

What does staging entail? We often start by suggesting these initial big impact steps:

1. Remove the personal. Look for items or artwork that speak to your personal family life that might need to be removed – photos, kids’ projects, trophies, etc. We love these items in our homes, too, but potential home buyers need to see a more neutral canvas so they can begin to envision the home as their own. They need to see how their own personality can take shape in the home.

2. Tone it down. If your paint and décor includes bright and/or unusual colors, or bold-patterned wall papers, consider some changes. When it comes to selling your home, neutral colors are your best bet.

3. Let the sun in. Natural lighting plays a huge part in increasing your home’s spaciousness and overall appeal. We have wonderful weather here. Most buyers want a home that is sunny, bright and inviting. Open the shutters and the blinds for maximum impact.

4. Reduce the retro. Most home buyers in the Lamorinda market are looking for something new and fresh. Dated-looking furnishings and décor can be an instant turn-off. That’s why we continually update our staging furniture inventory with these buyers in mind.

5. Scale it back. Your teenager may not care that his Queen-sized bed takes up 80% of his bedroom, but buyers might. Oversized furniture in a too-small space makes rooms look smaller. If you don’t have your child’s original twin bed in the garage rafters, not to worry. We have extras.

What else? Let’s talk about it. Every home and selling situation is unique.

Just know: We work to make staging painless for you while maximizing the attractiveness of your home for prospective buyers.




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