Staging Tip: Let Baskets Tame Clutter

Clutter. Have you noticed that your house has it, both some other houses don’t?

Three pictures of baskets used for storage in the houseDon’t be fooled — every family has at least a little clutter, even if it’s just mail, school phone books and bathroom toiletries. Some people are just better at hiding it. What’s the secret?

Do what professional home stagers do: Hide clutter in plain sight for both visual design appeal and easy access to needed items.

“Baskets are a home’s best friend,” says Linda Gidre, one of the Dana Green Team’s professional stagers. “They add texture and hide clutter.”

We provide free staging for Dana Green clients. We often stage homes for sale that also have to work for the families still living in them. Baskets are a key solution, so we keep a large inventory of them, everything from small shelf-size ones to those big enough to serve as coffee tables, complete with lids. And we’re constantly keeping our eyes out to add to our collection!

Help Spring Cleaning Work Last Longer

Spring is here. Are you thinking about Spring Cleaning? Jump in: Sift, sort and pitch. Then tame remaining clutter with pretty baskets. You can spend a little or you can spend a lot. That’s up to you. As long as it holds what you need it to hold and you like the look, you win.

We recommend, though, that you consider your basket hunt at home – what baskets do you already own but aren’t using?

Collage of Baskets

Need to buy a few baskets?

Make a list of what you need to hold first. Finding Baskets is Easy

Lots of local stores sell baskets – home décor boutiques, hardware stores and garden nurseries, included. If you like Yard Sale and Flea Market treasure hunts, both are also good bets.

If all you’re looking for is quick local access to a robust budget-friendly selection you can easily mix and match, though, consider starting at Rheem Shopping Center’s Home Goods. This morning, they had several aisles with shelves overflowing. Many are priced less than a typical plastic storage tub yet will look so much better in your home.

Any other suggestions for great places to buy baskets? Please share by leaving a comment below.

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