Less is More: Simple Tips for Updating and Refreshing Your Home

Dana Green Team staging

One of the best aspects of working with our team when selling your home is our complimentary staging service. Our four staging professionals, led by the stellar Linda Gidre, utilize our inventory of furnishings and décor to transform your home into a welcoming and attractive space. I actually got my start in real estate by staging for other realtors; this is when I first learned the power of how a well staged home could increase buyer appeal, and it’s why we offer the service to all of our clients. But you don’t need to be selling your home to incorporate some of our staging tips that can help to make your home more comfortable and attractive right now. Our clients often tell Linda that they wish they’d incorporated some of her changes while they could enjoy them, rather than when they were readying to leave their homes.

Following are some of Linda’s simple tips for updating and refreshing your home. Linda always focuses first on editing, with the motto ‘less is more.’

Bathrooms: Clear counters of excess shampoos, lotions, and other items that people tend to overbuy. Clear out cabinets and drawers of unwanted items. Create space and then put items away after each use. Buy some fresh towels and an orchid or succulents to finish the room.

Kitchen: The same rule applies here. Clear counters of all items that aren’t used on a daily basis. Donate excess and unnecessary dishes, glassware, water bottles etc. Cleared kitchen counters are life changing!

Family room: Once again, clear surfaces. The biggest problem Linda encounters here is an excess of family photos. Instead of frame-cluttered table tops, she recommends creating a picture gallery wall with large headshots in uniformed frames. Hallways are great spots for gallery walls too. Add fresh pillows to sofas. Throw pillows wear out quickly. Make sure inserts are down and really fill the pillow cover.

Bedroom: Once again, clear surfaces and put clothes away. For every new item you bring to your closet, donate an item. Linda recommends completely emptying the closet and putting back only what you’ve worn in the past year or truly love. New lamps and bedding are also an easy update.

Kids rooms: Edit! Linda often encounters overflowing books and toys for which the parent solution is to buy more furniture. She recommends editing instead, and involving kids in the process of organizing and donating. Ask your kids to donate 10 stuffed animals, 10 toys and 10 books (this number will vary depending on the excess.)

Finally, a great, extensive spring cleaning – from wiped down walls, to squeaky clean windows – will give your home new sparkle. Follow these basic home-keeping techniques from everyone’s favorite domestic doyenne, Martha Stewart, and your home will feel brand new.

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