Rediscover These Iconic Bay Area Destinations

It is great to be reminded of the amazing wealth of cultural destinations that surround us in the Bay Area. It’s easy to take for granted our proximity to attractions that lure visitors from around the world. The giant whale sculpture outside the Lawrence Hall of Science still begs to be climbed. And when was the last time your hair stood on end from touching the Exploratorium’s magnetic orb? Capture again some childlike wonder by taking friends and family to these amazing Bay Area cultural destinations.

Exploratorium: More than a museum, the Exploratorium is an ongoing exploration of science and art with interactive exhibits. Dance with your own shadow, levitate, touch a tornado, mix colors and break apart light, capture a wave, and yes, make your hair stand on end. This fabulous San Francisco gem has been capturing our imaginations for 50 years.

Oakland Museum: There’s always something new at the Oakland Museum, where you’ll find one of the state’s greatest collections of California art, arranged by three themes: California Land, California People, and California Creativity.

Lawrence Hall of Science: Interact with animals, build machines, climb giant structures, experience the Planetarium, or watch a movie in the National Geographic 3D theater. This interactive and educational spot, high in the Berkeley Hills, is also one of the best vistas from which to view the San Francisco Bay.

Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM):Located in Sausalito, the drive to BADM is worth it. Especially on rainy days when kids are encouraged to splash in the mud! At BADM’s Mud Kitchen, children can use real kitchen equipment to bake up mud pies, mud cakes, and more. Aprons are provided, but bring a few towels.

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