Data Tells the Staging Story

Staging your home is one of the most important – and rewarding – aspects of our business. In fact, we believe it in so much Dana has staged all her listings, since inception, complimentary. Our team, which includes four staging professionals, takes the staging process to unmatched levels by utilizing our large inventory of furnishings, wall art, and décor to transform your home into a...

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Summertime Staycations

Summertime means vacation time, and how fortunate are we to live in an area with so many getaway opportunities, all within a few hours driving time? As Bay Area residents, we’ve no need to hassle with air travel in order to experience locales about which dreams are made: Napa Valley, Carmel, San Francisco, etc. They’re all right within our reach. Need some inspiration? From north...

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Swim Team, Lafayette Swimming, Dana Green Team

Swim Team – A Lafayette Summer Tradition

For many Lafayette families, summer is synonymous with swim team. From June through August, phrases and words such as ‘pop time,’ ‘streamlining,’ and ‘making county’ command the local lingo, while well-exercised bodies subsist on a steady diet of microwaved popcorn and ring pops. To the uninitiated, swim team might seem a bit cult-like. The painted cars, painted hair, spirit signs affixed to telephone poles, and...

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It’s Summer! Time to Read

Remember the long, lazy summer days of childhood? I certainly do. My memories include lemonade stands, swimming until my hair turned chlorine-green, sleepovers with friends, and….reading. I loved to read in the summertime, when it was purely for pleasure and not schoolwork. It’s hard to imagine now, in our tech-filled world, that sitting down with a good book once provided the simplest and greatest pleasure....

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Kitchen Trends

My friend Wendi Zampino is the primary designer at Home Systems in Lafayette, an architectural interior design firm that specializes in new construction and home remodeling design. Wendi is an expert on space planning, material selections, detailed construction drawings, light and electrical plans, and construction management. Basically, she can do it all! She loves to redesign non-functioning spaces into those that address the needs of...

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UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland – A Beacon of Hope

Anyone who has ever sought treatment for a sick child at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland knows what an amazing place it is. Ranked among the best nationally, this leading pediatric medical and level-1 trauma center is a beacon of hope for the families who enter its doors. Founded in 1912 by Bertha Wright and Mabel Weed, CHO has fulfilled – and then expanded – on...

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One of My Favorite Annual Events: Kelly Corrigan’s Notes & Words Benefit

Local beloved author Kelly Corrigan was invited several years ago to participate on an authors’ panel benefiting literacy where she and five other writers spoke for 10 minutes each to a group of about 1,500. The event raised $1.5 million dollars. Never before had she witnessed the incredible fundraising power of writing and words. “I might be able to pull this off in my own community,” she...

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Happy Valley School

We’re All in This Together: Great Schools Make a Great Community

We are fortunate to live in a town where residents of all ages value education. The way that families, businesses, and community organizations band together to assist our schools is one of Lafayette’s greatest attributes. Ongoing state budget deficits, conservative funding projections, and complicated and unfavorable funding algorithms make communal involvement indispensable. Time and time again, our community rises to meet budget challenges by supporting...

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Feds raise interest rates

Fed Raises Interest Rates

Below is an update on interest’s rates. We continue to see winning offers contain no loan and no appraisal contingencies. Please make sure that you go as far as you can with the right lender through the underwriting process. And, don’t forget to check what the current interest rate is and what that means in terms of qualifying and monthly payments. A good lender will...

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Lafayette Partners in Education: Powering our Schools and our Community

  Ask residents why they selected Lafayette as their home, and more often than not, the answer is “the schools.” It’s no secret…we have great schools. Our public elementary and secondary schools consistently receive high rankings, and the Acalanes Union High School District is one of the highest performing districts in California. This success doesn’t just happen; it takes a dedicated team to ensure steady...

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Be ready for emergencies.

Better Safe than Sorry – Prepare for Emergencies Now

Life in the Bay Area is good. We’ve got easy access to open spaces and parkland, gorgeous vistas at every turn, great dining options, and culture galore. The tradeoff? Knock on wood: The occasional earthquake, fire, flood, and other natural and man-made disasters that can devastate highly populated areas. While it is difficult to predict such events, it’s not difficult to properly prepare for them....

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Night at Lafayette’s Library

Those who believe libraries to be relics of the past have likely never set foot in the Lafayette Library and Learning Center (LLLC.) This communal gathering spot and treasured community resource is so much more than just a place to check-out books. Offering educational and entertaining programs for everyone, the LLLC enables children, adults, families, and seniors to tap into a wealth of materials, workshops,...

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Less is More: Simple Tips for Updating and Refreshing Your Home

One of the best aspects of working with our team when selling your home is our complimentary staging service. Our four staging professionals, led by the stellar Linda Gidre, utilize our inventory of furnishings and décor to transform your home into a welcoming and attractive space. I actually got my start in real estate by staging for other realtors; this is when I first learned...

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Hammer and nails.

New Year Resolutions: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Home

A new year often begins with our best intentions of taking better physical care of ourselves. In an effort to increase stamina and improve longevity, we resolve to eat healthier foods and get more exercise. The advent of a new year is also a great time to take stock of your home’s physical condition – for the same reasons. A properly maintained and functioning home...

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The Ins and Outs of Remodeling Timelines

Thinking about timelines for home remodeling projects is super important! Just like in buying and selling a home, the clearer the expectations, the more successful the outcome. The Pacific Union Blog did a great job of outlining common remodeling projects and timelines in their blog released today. However, equally important in the timeline and planning process is the topic of permits. Are they needed? Does it increase...

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My Commitment to the Lafayette Community

I am grateful to live and work in a community that I adore and in which I’ve spent my entire life. My childhood memories include riding my bike to school, swim team summers, lemonade stands, trick-or-treating, and playing outside until dark. All these years later, in a much more complicated world, it is amazing that these same simple pleasures continue to be a large part...

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Interest Rates are Rising!

Don’t get caught off-guard, interest rates are quickly rising. If you are in the market to buy a home or refinance your current house, call your mortgage advisor today to better understand how the rise in interest rates impacts your purchasing power. This morning’s Pacific Union Blog provided a great update on where things stand today. Here’s what they said, “MORTGAGE RATES SOAR AS THE...

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Lafayette Juniors: Philanthropy, Friendship, and Fun

Of all my varied successes in a career that has proven to be more rewarding than I ever could have imagined, I continue to take great pride in my past involvement with Lafayette Juniors. As a former president of this great organization, I am forever impressed by the group’s longevity and dedication to philanthropy. Their quality annual events are always much anticipated and attended. The...

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The Creative Side of Lamorinda

Whatever your child’s artistic interest – theater, dance, visual arts, or instrumental music – Lamorinda schools and a vast number of private mentors and organizations can provide the instruction, encouragement, and outstanding opportunities to help fulfill artistic dreams. Our elementary, middle, and high schools are fortunate to be supported by groups such as Lafayette Partners in Education, The Education Foundation of Orinda, and the Moraga...

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