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As we make the natural shift to outdoor living, this is a good time to take stock of your outdoor spaces and to consider a few changes or upgrades. It doesn’t need to be a major overhaul or landscape remodel. Chances are that you’ve got an area, whether a front porch, a garden patio, or a creekside deck, that with a bit of colorful vision can be transformed into a welcoming gathering spot. Start simply by targeting a particular corner or niche and then let the inspiration flow to other parts of your yard. These easy and economical ideas are a great place to start:

Mulch: Though not always thought of as the most exciting addition to your yard, a fresh layer of rich, dark mulch in your garden beds makes a dramatic impact. Diamond K has a nice selection, our favorite is the micro black mulch, and they deliver!

Overhead Lighting: A string of overhead patio lights is pure magic and turns any outdoor environment into an Italian terrazzo.

Candles: Find inexpensive hurricane lanterns at any home store, fill them with candles (real or battery operated) and place them in unexpected spots throughout the yard. Think beyond the tabletop. For a fun selection, check out Lemon, Lafayette’s newest home goods gift shop.

Music: Music always sets a mood. Choose country for a backyard barbecue, Sinatra for Monday martini night, or soft jazz for fireside chats. Bluetooth rock speakers are a fun way to bring the tunes outside.

Potted Fruit Trees: Bring color, sweet aroma, and a European vibe into the yard with potted lemon trees. Under the lemon tree, plant our favorite, white Bacopa, to hang over the pot. Use lightweight, faux terra cotta planters on rolling casters for easy shifting. Orchard Nursery is your go-to.

Fire Pit: There’s nothing quite as inviting as a cozy fire, and outdoor pits are easier than ever. A simple fire bowl allows for the real thing, or choose a tailored version that conceals a propane gas tank. Don’t forget the s’more sticks too!

Throw Pillows: Not ready to replace old and tired patio seating? Camouflage with colorful pillows and cozy throw blankets. Between Misto Lino, Indigo & Poppy and Farmyard Darlings you’ll find something you love.

Bird feeder: A bird feeder is the simplest and easiest way to add life and whimsy to your garden; hummingbirds are enchanting!

Hammock: Who doesn’t love a hammock? Get one with its own stand, or hang your own. Add a small jute rug underneath, a few throw pillows, and a cozy blanket for the ultimate nap and reading nook. Ace Hardware Lafayette has a selection from which to choose.

Water Feature: The gentle sound of trickling water is incredibly relaxing. While a bit more involved than my other suggestions, doing-it-yourself is not out of the question for those who are handy.

For more simple and economical outdoor living ideas, check out Houzz and Pinterest or feel free to contact the Dana Green Team for thoughts and ideas!

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