Outdoor Entertaining

As warmer weather and dusky evening skies draw us outside, it’s a good time to take a look at your outdoor entertainment spaces and perhaps kick things up a notch with a few new elements. While a string of twinkle lights, some soft music piped through hidden speakers, and an icy cocktail alone can set a welcoming tone, we’ve got a few more ideas to share:

The Front Porch: Over the past few months many of us have rediscovered the front of our homes as a spot in which to relax, read a book, and watch the world go by. As our desire for a sense of community has expanded, the concept of the front porch, thought to be somewhat old-fashioned, is back. Create your own cozy spot with a pair of patio chairs and a side table for your iced tea. Add some color with pillows, throw blankets, and potted plants and give a friendly wave to the neighbors, bike riders, and dog walkers that pass by. A returned wave or ‘hello’ provides a feeling of connectedness.

Backyard Movie Night: Invite friends and family to catch a movie backyard style. You’ll need a few basic supplies: a projector, speakers, a screen, seating, and of course, snacks. Low-cost projectors can be purchased at Amazon; connect to a laptop and add speakers. Project onto a blank wall, or string a white sheet from a clothes-line. Provide lawn chairs, or arrange cushions and pillows on the grass. Add some throw blankets to raise the cozy quotient.

Victory Garden: There’s nothing quite as entertaining and fulfilling as growing and sharing your own fruits and vegetables, and it doesn’t take dedicated planter space to do so. A few pots can do the trick. If you’re new to the growing game, tomatoes are usually simple and easy, as are herbs. Once you get the hang of it, add peppers, cucumber, and lettuces. The feeling of satisfaction derived from handpicking your own dinner ingredients is incredible. Sharing the bounty with friends and neighbors feels pretty good too. 

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