Now More Than Ever, LPIE Support is Essential

Ask residents why they select Lafayette and often they will say “the schools.” Lafayette’s public schools consistently receive high rankings. While parent and community participation are key to our top-quality education system, much credit goes to Lafayette’s amazing education foundation, Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE).

My team and I are firm believers that healthy schools make healthy communities. I am a product of the Lafayette Schools and many of us have raised, or are currently raising, our children here in Lafayette, and we have firsthand experience with the impact that LPIE makes within our public school system.

Today, LPIE needs our community support. According to LPIE Executive Director Beth Goldberg, to date, LPIE has raised about half of its annual goal. Let’s all contribute what we can to ensure programs such as specialty resources that promote diversity initiatives, hands-on learning, and state-of-the-art classroom equipment continue to be available. LPIE also supports the ‘whole’ student by providing counseling and wellness services, something that is especially important today.

Throughout March, a group of generous donors has offered to match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000. This funding will help to preserve the educational programming that our community has come to expect. Please donate here.

If you need more motivation, check out LPIE’s four-week March video series, “It’s Up to All of Us”, where donors explain why they support LPIE, what their donations fund, and how we can work together to preserve programming.

It’s difficult to quantify LPIE’s innumerable and valuable contributions. Anyone with a student in the Lafayette school system has felt the effects of LPIE in some way. Let’s work together to ensure LPIE’s viability for years to come.

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