Market Insights – The Buyer Pool

The term Buyer pool refers to the number of Buyers to whom your home may be attractive, and we assess this based on a number of criteria. The main consideration is the price point of the house. Right now, Lamorinda selling/buying patterns reveal that the Buyer pool is large for homes in the $1,750,000 to $2,499,000 range. For homes at $4,000,000 and more, the Buyer pool is small.

To further assess the Buyer pool for your home, we evaluate the following:

  • Single-story, two-story, three-story, or multi-level
  • Lot utility (upslope, downslope, or flat)
  • Steps in the house and to the front door
  • Floorplan –  traditional, unusual, bedrooms grouped together, or bedrooms separated
  • Entrance location
  • Style of the home
  • General condition
  • Current or dated interior design 
  • Condition of neighboring properties
  • Is the home a less desirable house on the street or the best house in the neighborhood?
  • Work commute
  • Busy or quiet street
  • School district, and proximity to schools
  • Road noise
  • Proximity to power towers or heavy power lines
  • Easements and restrictions

If we think you have a large Buyer pool, it means we think your home is attractive to a large audience of all ages and should sell quickly, and this typically means competition. If we think you have a small Buyer pool, it means it may take some time to find the right Buyer for your property, possibly meaning no competition and a great opportunity for Buyers. Once we have identified the size of your Buyer pool, together we can plan accordingly to determine the best possible strategy for your home.

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