Make the Most of Lamorinda’s Sunny Weather with these Family Fun Outdoor Activities

Lucky for us in the Bay Area, nearly any season presents plenty of opportunities to head outdoors. But warmer days have their own special allure, beckoning us to spend more time outside. Here are a few outdoor family games and activities that I’ve observed in my own neighborhood and around Lafayette. Each is easily replicated in nearly any home environment:

If you live on a cul-de-sac, or a sleepy street, it’s easy to set up a pickleball court that you and your neighbors can enjoy. Chalk out a court perimeter (find dimensions online), purchase a ball, paddles, and a net, and, voila.

This is one I observe my neighbors playing on a quiet street or in a large backyard. They call it ‘target golf’ and anyone who can swing a club can play. Needed are practice golf birdies, a golf club, a scrap of turf from which to hit, and a target (a non-breakable garden pot works). Set up your hitting and target zones as close or as far away as you wish and take aim. Closest to the target wins, naturally.

Bocce ball courts are great, but you can play a version of this simple game on nearly any soft surface with any kind of ball, though a bocce set makes it easy. Place the smaller target ball anywhere on the lawn, and take turns tossing the larger bocce balls towards the target. Closest wins.

Take a cue from beloved Easter egg hunts, and plan your own, no-holiday-needed treasure hunt. Hide small trinkets or wrapped candies around the yard, and send the kids on a mission.

Hang a swing from a front or backyard tree. One of my neighbors was able to reach a high tree branch in order to dangle a basket swing in which multiple kids (and adults) can recline in while breezing through the air. Simple and so relaxing.

What are some of your favorite, at-home, outdoor activities? We’d love to hear!

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