Lafayette Partners in Education: Powering our Schools and our Community


Lafayette Partners in EducationAsk residents why they selected Lafayette as their home, and more often than not, the answer is “the schools.” It’s no secret…we have great schools. Our public elementary and secondary schools consistently receive high rankings, and the Acalanes Union High School District is one of the highest performing districts in California. This success doesn’t just happen; it takes a dedicated team to ensure steady academic accomplishment. Parent and community participation is key, as is the support of partner organizations such as beloved LPIE – Lafayette Partners in Education – our community’s volunteer-run education foundation.

When your child proudly shares a piece of artwork made in class – thank LPIE. When you attend a stellar Stanley jazz concert, or an Acalanes drama presentation – thank LPIE. And when you are up until midnight, helping your child put the finishing touches on her baking soda and vinegar science fair volcano, you can thank (or maybe curse) LPIE.

For 36 years, LPIE’s mission has been consistent: to support and enrich the education of every child in the Lafayette public schools by providing supplemental resources for engaging curriculums that spark young imaginations and ignite dreams. By filling the gap between public funding, parcel taxes, and parent club support, LPIE funds programs in science, visual and performing arts, foreign language, math, and writing, as well as electives, class sections, instructional aides, counselors, library databases, and technology. Wow! That’s a tall order, but LPIE always comes through. And that’s something we can all be thankful for.

As a longtime supporter of and believer in LPIE, I invite everyone to rally around this great organization. Their upcoming annual fundraiser is sold out, but you can still participate by purchasing a raffle ticket, bidding in their online auction, or sponsoring a teacher or administrator’s admission to the fundraiser. For information, visit

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