LPIE Power

What exactly does Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) do for the students in each of our public schools? It’s difficult to quantify LPIE’s innumerable and valuable contributions, many of which are tangible, and some that are not. Parents with a student in the Lafayette school system have all felt the effects of LPIE in some way. When a child proudly shares artwork made in class, that’s LPIE power. When the young musicians in Stanley Middle School’s Jazz Ensemble wow a crowd, that’s LPIE power. And an Acalanes High School student who is inspired to study the sciences in college, that’s likely the influence of LPIE power.

There are way too many LPIE influences to list, but this quick inventory hints at the overall enrichment afforded to each and every student in the Lafayette school system as a result of the power of LPIE:

  • At Acalanes High School, LPIE funding provides for a seven-period day.
  • At Stanley Middle School, LPIE funding supports all electives including music, foreign language, computers, robotics, art, home economics, and woodshop.
  • At our four elementary schools (Springhill, Happy Valley, Lafayette, and Burton Valley), LPIE provides for instructional aides in all classrooms, as well as science lab teachers and programs, music teachers and programs, and technology labs.

The truth is that LPIE provides core academic support in every grade and every classroom, every day. We are proud of our continued support of this amazing organization and all they bring to our community.

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