Lessons Learned from Legacy Property Sites

It wasn’t that long ago that single property websites were the “new” thing in real estate marketing. But it has been long enough. Already, we’re dealing with online shrapnel, bumping into “legacy” property websites that compete for Google attention with new websites we’re building for current listings.

Comparing Legacy Home Sale Website PicturesLegacy sites are the websites and blogs used by sellers when a property was previously on the market. These sites often remain accessible long after the sale closed or the property was pulled off the market. Some of these sites are maintained by original listing agents to market their properties sold lists. Others are free blog sites prior owner-sellers forgot to close. All of them tie to a specific house and often include the address of that property in its URL.

Searching Real Estate Online – What’s Out There?

Google has a long memory, and it easily finds all the sites – new and old. We know because we always look. We feel it’s critical to know all the information that’s online about a property, whether we’re working with its buyer or seller.

It’s easy to assume that these legacy websites can pose significant problems for sellers, but that’s not been our experience.

The Upside of Legacy Sites

Legacy property sites often offer useful information and pictures that can help potential buyers of a property better understand important things a seller wants a buyer to know, such as:


  1. Alternate use of rooms. What is now a nursery or family room may have previously been captured in pictures as a home office.
  2. “Before” pictures. Significant improvements since the current owner purchased the house become more clear when looking at the “before” pictures on the legacy site. So will significant foliage growth.
  3. Seasonal changes. Homes often look different in pictures taken during different months. Legacy sites offer an alternative view.
  4. Venue potential. One recent listing had a legacy site that showed pictures of beautiful outdoor backyard weddings that highlight not only the space but the commanding views the property enjoys.

Online Matters

Don’t get us wrong – we wish that the online space wasn’t cluttered with legacy sites because they can cause marketing confusion. No one can control, though, what others decide to maintain online. The best alternative is to use this information to a client’s advantage.

“One thing is clear, legacy property sites make it that much more important to do what we do — create a fresh new single property site for every listing, ” says Lafayette Realtor Dana Green. “Imagine if the only information a potential buyer found online about your property was old information.”


Not familiar with Single Property Websites? Here are two created by Dana Green for current listings:

3628 Brook Street –

3389 Rossi Street –


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