Lamorinda Love Stories

It’s been several weeks since my team and I launched ‘Lamorinda Love Stories,’ and the response has been overwhelming. This ongoing social media series which highlights why we, and all of those living in the wonderful communities of Lafayette, Orinda, and Moraga, love this part of the Bay Area. From neighborhood treasure hunts, to limoncello and lemon bread recipes, this series provide inspiration during this extraordinary and unprecedented time. Through these stories, we’ve honored the City of Lafayette and its employees for their commitment to city residents. We’ve listed Lamorinda businesses that are going the extra mile for their customers. We dedicated a love story to books, and to those committed to sharing them. We’ve shone a spotlight on Lamorinda Village, the local nonprofit dedicated to supporting our older residents. And more than once now, we’ve displayed our reverence to our wonderful teachers.

To submit a story, please email me at You can find the entire series by following along on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

We are so proud of this amazing community. We are by your side as we are all in this together.

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