Lamorinda Living Podcast Captures Our Community

If you love listening to Podcasts, we’ve got a must-add for your queue: Lamorinda Living. This local podcast, featuring interviews with varied Lamorindans was created by Moraga resident Jennifer LaForce who serves as host. The podcast is a platform for community engagement and information sharing. Her interviews serve as a wonderful window into and a great resource for our community. Jennifer hopes that Lamorinda Living facilitates personal and professional connections amongst residents.

Jennifer’s guests have included Moraga’s fire chief David Winnacker, entrepreneurs Katie Thompson and Kendall Glynn, Orinda residents and founders of Square Baby, and marriage and family therapist Margie Ryerson, to name just a few. She’s interviewed teachers, business leaders, and cultural ambassadors. And she recently interviewed me. We talked about current home values and how the pandemic is affecting sales. I share what I look for when evaluating a house and what I recommend as home investments. I talk about how and why I entered the real estate business, and what I love about Lamorinda. I even take part in a ‘lightening round,’ a series of fun, quick-fire questions such as what would people be surprised to know about me.

You can find the Lamorinda Living podcasts at Apple podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or Stitcher. Archived episodes can be found on the Lamorinda Living website. If you prefer to watch the podcast, you can find it on YouTube by searching Lamorinda Living.

If you’re new to the Podcast world, it’s quite simple and easy. The most convenient way to listen to a podcast is through a mobile device. Use the Apple Podcasts app if you’re on an iPhone; it’s already on your phone. If you’re on Android or Windows, download a podcasting app. If you’re listening on your computer, subscribe through the iTunes app, available for Mac or PC. The easiest way to enjoy your favorite shows is to subscribe. When you subscribe, shows are automatically loaded to your podcast queue.  

I hope you’ll add Lamorinda Living to your Podcast list. Listen and find out what your neighbors are thinking about and doing. And if you are a prospective resident, check it out to learn why Lamorinda might be a good fit for you.

Happy listening!

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