Lamorinda Housing Market Trends

Real Estate Market Snapshot, Lamorinda, CA., Jan. 2016

The January home sale numbers for Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda, also known as Lamorinda, have just been released. Home sales for the month of January, are a result of December activity. The disappointing statistics are absolutely a reflection of both the holiday season and our record-breaking low levels of inventory. Our team is excited to bring several new listings to the market over the next...

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Real Estate Market Snapshot, Lamorinda, CA, Dec. 2015

2016 is starting off with historically low real estate inventory levels. Low inventory is typical in January but we are definitely lower than normal and buyers are crushed as they are anxiously awaiting product. Coupled with the drop in the stock market,  many buyers are wondering what this means. We don’t have a crystal ball but we do know there are plenty of buyers waiting...

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Kindergarten Registration Dates Signal Start of the 2016 Lamorinda Real Estate Selling Season

Home buyers and sellers throughout Lafayette, Orinda and Moraga often ask me, “When is the perfect time to buy or a sell a home?” Schools are the #1 reason families move to Lamorinda so it makes sense that school calendars matter when it comes to timing real estate decisions. Did you see that The Contra Costa Times published the 2016 Lamorinda kindergarten registration dates?  Registration begins...

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Interest Rate Adjustment - Lamorinda Real Estate

What does the interest rate adjustment mean for Lamorinda home buyers and sellers?

After much speculation throughout all of 2015, the Federal Reserve finally made a modest adjustment of 0.25% to its benchmark interest rate. In my world, as a seasoned Realtor, those following real estate want to know what this means and how they should react.     In Lamorinda (Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda), we still have a severe shortage of inventory. Most home buyers are exhausted,...

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Graphic: Fall 2015 vs Spring 2016

Fall 2015 Lamorinda Housing Market FAQ: Sell Now or Wait Until 2016?

This headline on the front page of today’s Wall Street Journal caught my eye: “Fed Rate Strategy Remains On Track.” In speaking to trusted advisors and in reading articles like this, it appears a rate increase in September or December is still looming despite the recent stock market correction. Savvy Lamorinda home sellers have asked me what this means for them. Do they sell now or...

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Stock Market Correction — What Does It Mean for the Lamorinda Housing Market?

I have been fielding many phone calls from clients concerned about the potential impact of this week’s stock market correction on their real estate goals. My basic message? Don’t panic. Real estate is a long-term investment and our hyper local Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda residential real estate markets have always been – and will always be – mostly about lot, location and condition. The Lamorinda...

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