It’s Swim Team Sign-up Time. Again.

Rancho Swim Club -- WinterThree blocks from Burton Valley Elementary School, in the heart of Lafayette’s Burton Valley neighborhood, the Rancho Colorados Pool is quiet today. The only movement? Raindrop ripples. But this won’t last. Soon it will be jammed with kids in Wahoo blue and gold.

Swim team is a big tradition in Lafayette, and it starts with March sign-ups. Last week it was Las Trampas. This week, LMYA. Online registration for the Rancho Colorados Wahoo’s goes live this weekend. And that’s just three of the six local teams.

Lafayette Swim Team Traditions

If your child is — or has been — on a team, you know that swim team is a family affair, complete with summer long social events in the mix. According to its website, Rancho’s team is 240 swimmers strong. What it doesn’t say is how many of the parents are team alumni, or how many homes in the neighborhood have at least one of the annual team pictures on a wall or in a photo album. Nor does it show the stream of kids biking, walking and scootering to practice along Rohrer and Silverado on practice mornings, and how watching them makes the rest of us smile, because we remember when our kids gained that summer independence.

Just a smidge over a mile away is Las Trampas Pool, which opened in 1958 on the corner of St. Mary’s Road and Glenside, just off the walking trail. The Rancho – Las Trampas good natured rivaly has been ongoing for generations. It helps that both teams are populated with Burton Valley Elementary School families.

If you want to see the real Lafayette swim team event, though, just head down to the two-day Lafayette City Meet, held at Acalanes High School’s Pool in July. That’s when all six Lafayette swim teams compete with one another:

Who will you be rooting for this year?

Are you looking for a swim team without club membership requirements? Check out the LMYA Dolphins, who practice at the Acalanes High School Pool. Established in the 1950’s by local parents, it remains open to all. Registration starts in March but runs throughout the entire swim season. Rest assured… it’s never too late to get your swim team spirit on!

Just for fun… here’s a vintage video of 1976 swim team life in Lafayette:

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