Lafayette is ‘Back-to-School’ Central

It’s ‘back to school’ season, and excitement is in the air! Parents are looking forward to reconnecting with other parents, teachers are looking forward to instruction that only in-person interaction can foster, and students can’t wait to be with one another again. Back to school time is always joyfully optimistic. A new backpack, a fresh lunchbox, proper supplies, and perhaps a new pair of shoes can help set the stage for a positive school re-entry. Everything your student needs can be found locally. Following are the recommendations from those on my team who have school-aged kids:

For backpacks, the latest clothing styles, and even soccer cleats, try Lafayette mainstay McCaulou’s. This local department store’s buyers are always on-trend, and my team and I are thrilled with the incredible selection of goods.

It’s in the name: locally owned Venture Quality Goods features quality, thoughtfully designed and well-crafted backpacks, shoes, and clothing items for your older student.

Elmwood Stationers, located near Trader Joe’s, stocks every pen and pencil imaginable, as well as graph paper, notebooks, and journals. Remember Paper Mate Flair pens and the rainbow of colors? They’ve got them.

Fill your kids’ lunch boxes with juices, individually packaged trail mix, fruit snacks, granola bars, and applesauce squeeze pouches from Trader Joe’s. We always find something fun and new at this grocery store where products lean towards healthy, natural, and organic.

Stock up on fresh, pre-packaged lunch box items at Diablo Foods. The aisle behind the butcher counter features ready-to-go green and fruit salads, sandwiches, and protein packs.

For those whose Stanley Middle School students insist on being dropped off in town prior to late start Wednesdays, Sideboard, adjacent to Plaza Park, is a safe and delicious spot for kids to gather.  

Adding to this year’s back-to-school list is hand sanitizer. Find travel-sized options at either CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens.

For other recommendations on anything back-to-school related, please call us.

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