Seller Success in Today’s Real Estate Market

It’s all over the press: Lots of interesting things are happening in today’s National real estate market. Don’t let people tell you that houses aren’t selling locally, though. They are. We are currently in the process of closing several homes that went pending within the first fourteen days of listing.

Sold SignBuyers are out there, but they’re smart. They know what they’re looking for — condition, neighborhood, home features, schools, price range. Most won’t settle for less than perfect and will work throughout the negotiation process to achieve it. All expect to get a lot for their money.

Here’s what I know about helping sellers succeed in today’s market:

Mistakes cost. Preparation is key. To sell a house quickly, everything has to be compelling as you go to market, including:

  • Pricing
  • Condition of Property
  • Staging
  • Marketing Materials – Print and Online
  • Community Networking Efforts

Bottom line: When the right buyers walk through your property, you have to make sure that you’ve given them NO REASON to say no.

That begins with a walk-through and an honest conversation, Realtor to Seller. The earlier the better.


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