Dana Green’s Black Book of Resources

It happens over time to our homes, whether we’re selling them or not. Things break. There are needed upgrades. Sometimes that means we need help. Who do you turn to when that happens?

Collage of Dana Green's Black Book & Vendor CategoriesWe always start with Dana’s Black Book. A list of trusted service providers Dana started years ago, it’s our lifeline when we’re helping clients. We get lots of calls for referrals, so over the years, the Black Book has moved from rolodex to PDF to its current form – a website page.

If you’re looking for home repair help, feel free to start with Dana’s Black Book. We don’t promise results, but know this: Someone doesn’t make it on the list unless we’ve had experience with them. Just like you’re careful with your home, we’re careful for our clients. We always check references before we send anyone out on a job.

Dana’s Black Book Changes

The Black Book isn’t static, either. We add names and we take them away. If we need something not on the current list, we’ll ask people we trust for recommendations. That happened recently when we were in search of someone who could replace gutters. I called our roofer for the recommendation.

When you surf the list, you’ll also find services unrelated to home repair but still useful, everything from an accountant to a local animal hospital.

If you have feedback about an existing listing or a suggestion for someone new to add to Dana’s Black Book, please let us know. We’re particularly interested in Lafayette service providers.
Please send your ideas to me at

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