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dana-green-team-coffeeIf you’re like most coffee drinkers, you have a go-to spot to grab your morning caffeine fix and/or your afternoon pick-me-up. You know exactly what you’re getting at your favorite place – a mocha with just the right amount of whip, or a perfectly flavored salted caramel latte. If you’re enough of a regular that the barista has your drink ready before you’ve even ordered, maybe it’s time to step out of your coffee comfort zone and shake things up a bit. With so many coffee options now in Lafayette, and with pumpkin spice latte season approaching, it might be fun to try something new. You can always go back to your favorite haunt (rest assured that venerable Peet’s and mainstay Starbucks are here to stay) or maybe you’ll find a new place to call your own. Here are a few venues to consider:

Coffee Shop: Lafayette’s newest player in the coffee game is located in what was formerly the Art Room, across from Chow on Lafayette Circle. Featuring at least 10 different roasters from all over the United States (including general manager Nick’s personal roast – Zolo), Coffee Shop baristas recommend their seasonally changing ‘local favorites.’ When we visited, ‘Minted Iced Cold Brew,’ and ‘Coconut Orange Iced Latte’ graced the menu. We suspect that pumpkin will soon be a featured ingredient. And if you desire a little something more in your cup o’ joe, Coffee Shop lets you ‘spike’ it with an assortment of liquors and liqueurs.

Panache Caffe: Located next to 360 Burrito, across from Trader Joe’s, locally-owned Panache has been an under-the-radar java gem for the past ten years. Serving only delicious and rich Italian coffees (Illy and Umbria), Panache is actually best known for its tapioca drinks, and is the only place locally to find them. (Tapioca balls are made fresh, in-house, every hour.) The matcha chai, made with the authentic Japanese green tea powder, is also a customer favorite, as is the masala chai. Everything at Panache is homemade and made from scratch, including the incredible blueberry scones, which beg for a creamy cappuccino accompaniment.

Papillon Quality Gourmet Coffees: Familiar to nearly every Lafayette resident who has needed a quiet and convenient place for a small meeting, Papilion, at 67 Lafayette Circle, is akin to a community living room. It’s hard not to run into someone you know at this established coffee shop. Free wi-fi and ample seating are pluses. You’ll find a full menu of the usual brews and lattes including customer favorites such as the rich and chocolaty mocha and the icy and refreshing mocha frost.

Sideboard: Sister restaurant to the ultra popular Danville location, Sideboard recently moved into a space adjacent to Plaza Park. Serving Sight Glass, Four Barrel, and Temple coffees, Sideboard brews each cup individually. Choose from eight different varietals, in either ‘pour over’ or French press, and enjoy in house, or to-go. A particular customer favorite is the New Orleans iced coffee: cold brew, chicory, whole milk, and sugar. Perfect for the upcoming warm Indian-summer days of fall for which Lafayette is so well-known.

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