Chalkboard Design Trends

Different ChalkboardsSearching for a recommended “chalkboard guy” at the Alameda Antique Faire on Sunday proved harder than expected. No vendor laid claim to the moniker in the faire’s brochure, and asking other vendors for help in finding him just ruffled a few competitive feathers.

“There might have been someone who once thought he was THE chalkboard guy,” said an Oregon-based vendor, pointing to her own inventory. “But he can’t call himself that anymore.”

It was true — it did seem as if every 5th vendor had at least a little chalkboard inventory, much of it repurposed frames or architectural items like doors, windows and ceiling tiles.

The Fair items were festive, but if you’re going to make a large chalkboard statement in your home, things could get pretty expensive pretty fast.

Chalkboard Walls — Design Within Reach

One of the many fun things about working in real estate is seeing the creative ways homeowners decorate. Lately, we’ve noticed an increase use of chalkboard walls.

With chalkboard paint priced at $10-14 a quart, it seems like a budget-friendly way to personalize a space while maintaining flexibility to change your message. What do you think?

Chalkboard Painted Walls

These examples use black chalkboard paint. As of this writing, there was also color tint-able options from Rustoleum and Martha Stewart was supposed to be launching a new line of color chalkboard paints later in April. If you try either, let us know what you think.

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