Dana Green – Lafayette’s 2018 Business Person of the Year!

I’ve received various recognitions over the years since I started working as a Lafayette Realtor. I have been grateful for each and every acknowledgement. But this one is special: I’ve been chosen by the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce as their 2018 Business Person of the Year. To be recognized by the business leaders in my hometown for what is my passion – connecting people, businesses, and communities – is truly rewarding.

I have lived and worked in Lafayette my entire life. As a child, I swam in the local pools and coached swim team. I rode my bike on the many trails, and sold lemonade on the street corners. I felt the warmth of a true community when my mom passed away long ago, and again more recently when I lost my dad. I find comfort in the daily reminders of my parents’ Lafayette involvement; my dad chaired the Parks and Recreation Commission and was instrumental in establishing the bike trail. My mom worked as an aide at Burton Valley Elementary. My Lafayette roots run deep.

My husband Todd and I raised our children here.  They were able to attend the same schools I did, and participate in the same sorts of activities. How amazing is it, in today’s fast-paced world, that swim team, biking, and the ability to simply play outside continue to be part of Lafayette’s magic? I am lucky to be able to introduce families to our green hills and great neighborhoods, open spaces, and downtown businesses that make Lafayette such a great place to live. I am equally fortunate to be able to give back to this community. The various organizations that I support, Lafayette Partners in Education, The Lafayette Library, and the Chamber’s annual holiday event, play a huge role in making Lafayette memorable.

My love for Lafayette is shared by each and every one of my team members who are integral to our success. They are by my side not only in the office and in our Realtor roles, but also at the community events which we support. I couldn’t do my job without them. Ours is a team effort and for them I am very grateful.

Thank you Lafayette Chamber of Commerce for this recognition. I am truly honored!


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