Elevate your Student’s Back-to-School Lunch

You’ll recognize back to school season by the early morning and late afternoon traffic patterns of school drop-off and pick-up. The excitement of a new school year is often a bit hampered by the onset of the dreaded sack lunch. Peanut butter and jelly – again? Surprise your student by elevating the lunch game with these fun and healthy ideas:

Start with a new lunch box. We are loving the eco-friendly, stainless steel options from PlanetBox. The bento style box features several sizes and configurations and eliminates the need for plastic bags. And, they are dishwasher safe.

Next, create an ingredient road map. Your lunch must haves: fruit, vegetable, some protein, a carb and a small treat to keeps things fun.  Follow these and you will end up with a colorful meal that will captivate your kids.

Think outside the bento box and move beyond sandwiches. Some ideas:

  • Cheese quesadilla triangles: Just as good cold as they are hot. Add some tortilla chips, jicama sticks, and a few slices of avocado.
  • Deli meat roll-ups: Roast beef, ham, or turkey slices plus a cheese slice or veggies. Roll ‘em up. Add some carrot sticks, pretzels, and mandarin slices.
  • Pita and hummus: A large dollop of hummus is the perfect dip for baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, and of course pita triangles. Add a few grapes and almonds.
  • Sushi plate: Most of our local groceries offer fresh and delicious sushi. Repack in the bento, add some edamame and strawberries.
  • And if you’ve got a sandwich fan who can’t seem to give up the old standby, make it interesting: Use cookie cutters to create fun sandwich shapes, such as pumpkins, stars, and hearts.

Wishing you a terrific new school year filled with learning, friends, fun and great food!

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