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Antidote for Attic Storage Envy in Lafayette CA – Build out yours

Forgive yourself. It’s easy to look at the attic in 1101 Via Roble in Lafayette, CA, and be struck by a severe case of storage space envy.

Attic at 1101 Via Roble, Lafayette, CASure – some of us have managed to rat out a bit of crawl space for the holiday decorations, suitcases and plastic boxes of aging preschool art, but this higher end finished attic is rare in Lafayette.

Do you need more storage space? Consider a  DIY attic improvement project this spring to access unused space in your home.

Cilck here for DIY Network directions for converting your unused attic space to a storage area accessed by pull down stairs,  The article breaks the work into 9 steps:

  • Step 1: Remove the Access Panel and Framing
  • Step 2: Cut the Stair Opening and Install a Block
  • Step 3: Install the Support Boards and Stair Assembly
  • Step 4: Secure the Frame and Cut the Stairs
  • Step 5: Research Your Attic
  • Step 6: Cut and Install Furring Strips
  • Step 7: Cut and Install the Plywood Floors
  • Step 8: Form a Landing
  • Step 9: Install Trim Around the Opening

These steps work. You will have more storage space.

They don’t, though, quite get you to the 1101 Via Roble finished attic look.

For that, you’ll need more time and money to add a skylight, drywall, paint, nice flooring, lights and more. You can either tackle that yourself or, if you’re looking for ideas for where to get help, check out Dana Green’s Black Book of local resources, located on the Dana Green Team website.

Then again, you could just buy 1101 Via Roble — the attic comes with the deal.





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