Go Lafayette Calculator Good for House Hunters, too!

There are a lot of useful online tools for people looking for homes in Lafayette, CA. The newest one is home grown. Yesterday, Sustainable Lafayette launched the Go Lafayette Calculator.

Sustainable Lafayette's Go Lafayette CalculatorGo Lafayette is like Mapquest only instead of just giving you directions, it helps you make better transportation decisions by giving you distance, time, cost, fossil fuel consumption, emissions, and calories burned based on how you plan to get from here to there. Plus, you’ll find a growing list of local tips about what you can see and do along the way, depending on how you plan to make that trip.

You can imagine how many times people looking for homes in Lafayette ask questions like: How far is this house to the BART? Can my kids ride their bikes to school? Is this house close to downtown?

Exact answers just got a little easier, as did choices of transportation and helping underscore the insider tips people living here know.

Very nice. Thanks, Sustainable Lafayette!

Read more about Go Lafayette in the article titled, “Do the Transportation Math with Go Lafayette Calculator,” on the Lafayette Chamber’s blog.





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