Coming Soon: The “Facebook Effect” on the Bay Area Real Estate Market

There is interesting reading on the Pacific Union International Blog about the delayed impact of the “Facebook inflation” on the Bay Area Real Estate market.

Icon for Facebook Effect on Bay Area Real EstateThe press has been focused on the IPO story – a day that disappointed many but also made others very rich. The Pacific Union article focuses on the longer term ripple effect for the real estate market of those newly rich, and how it hasn’t even begun to hit. To understand why, you have to understand the cash flow.

PUI’s advice for anyone planning to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area boils down to this: Stay ahead of the Facebook cash:

“…we’re urging both home buyers and sellers to step up to the plate sooner rather than later,” advises Pacific Union, noting that the real “Facebook Effect” won’t be felt for several months based on rules regarding when and how the new Facebook rich can convert holdings to cash. “For home buyers, this is a great time to lock in prices before Facebook inflation takes hold. For sellers, it’s critical that Facebook insiders and their agents see your listing before they settle on someone else’s property.”

Click here to read the full article titled, “Facebook Effect coming, but not here yet.”

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