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The #1 Reason for Low Home Inventory in Lafayette? People (Thankfully!) Don’t Want to Move

It often feels like people talk about Lafayette’s relatively low inventory of homes for sale as if this is somehow a Bay Area economic issue that just might correct itself, if not this season, then hopefully next.

Happy Thanksgiving from Dana Green 2014Economics impacts buyer demand and price, and both play an undeniable role in real estate. The real issue with Lafayette inventory, though, is lifestyle.

The single biggest reason Lafayette is experiencing this current low inventory of homes for sale is the very reason that so many people want to move here: Lafayette is a great place to live.

Yes – many young families initially move to Lafayette for our wonderful public schools. Most, though, quickly learn the real secret of Lafayette: It’s a great place to live no matter how old you are!

Barring unexpected life events, decades may pass before a homeowner considers selling the family home. By then, grandkids may be at the Thanksgiving table.

Thankfully, this tends to happen at different times for different people, and that helps keep a steady stream of new families moving in and falling in love with the Lafayette lifestyle, too.

Luke Green 2014

The end result is a healthy mix of ages in our neighborhoods and an authentic commitment to community that encourages civic pride and strong volunteer energy.

As a lifelong Lafayette resident with kids in college and no plans to ever move from Lafayette, it is hard to argue that this housing trend is anything but a good thing, even if the constrained Lafayette home inventory can try homebuyer patience and makes being a Lafayette Realtor challenging!

Mostly, I’m just thankful to be lucky enough to live and work in Lafayette.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrating the Lafayette Library and Learning Center: Our Library Turns Five

Congratulations to the Lafayette Library and Learning Center on celebrating five fantastic years. I hope that everyone is planning to stop by the Library’s Literary Festival on Sunday, November 2, from 11am-3pm, being held in celebration.

Looking back to the years leading up to the opening of the library is a nostalgic feeling for me as my son did his Troop 204 Eagle Project (which is always a family affair!) to help raise funds to build it.


Power of YOUth Lafayette Library and Learning Center Fundraising Photos


This morning I pulled out Brad’s Eagle Book. In it, he wrote:

Brad Green Eagle Project 2009 - Power of YOUth“For my Eagle Project, I created and coordinated the Power of YOUth campaign titled, “Read, Recycle, Resell” for the new Lafayette Library and Learning Center. My goal was to raise awareness amongst Lafayette youth for the new library. We first formed a committee and strategized the best way to reach as many students as possible. We decided to collect gently-used books at the various school registration days across town. Later, we sorted, priced, and re-sold the books at the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival. Over 6,000 books were collected and over 450 volunteer hours were logged. We collected more books than could be sold over the two day event. The extra books were donated to Lafayette teachers, “The Friends of the Lafayette Library,” and to Shelter Inc. to help with a new library another Eagle Scout was creating.  This project was a positive experience for me. I learned how important it is to be prepared and communicate often with your team.”

Reading Brad’s words five years later still makes me smile. We are so lucky to live in Lafayette and enjoy our beautiful Lafayette Library and Learning Center, a true modern model for life-long learning. My family will always remember when it was built and Brad’s contribution with pride!

From its earliest beginnings, the building of our wonderful Library was a community effort, with lots of grass roots fundraising by our community’s adults and youth. I can only imagine how many others walk through its doors and smile knowing that they personally helped make it become a reality.

That’s a community builder truly worth celebrating not just this Sunday, but every day!

Lafayette Burger Wars!


A little known fact….Lafayette has some of the best burgers in the area!  Here at Dana Green Team, we can’t decide which one is the best out of the list below, so you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options. Also, please let us know if your favorite isn’t listed here and we’ll be sure to go check it out!

Chow Lafayette http://www.chowfoodbar.com/laf_location.html.  Their burger on baguette is amazing!

Roam Burgerhttp://roamburgers.com/.  We love the “French and Fries” style…

Metro Lafayettehttp://metrolafayette.com/.  Tip!  They will make their delicious burger even if it is not on the menu…just ask!

Lafayette Park Hotel Bistro http://www.parkbistroandbar.com/.  There’s a new chef taking over and we’re curious – has he updated their signature burger?

Cooperage American Grille http://thecooperagelafayette.com/.  The newest challenger is the Cooperage burger giving the rest a run for their money.


Photo: Flickr/Kennejima, http://bit.ly/1vkJ5Gt

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