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Lafayette Burger Wars!


A little known fact….Lafayette has some of the best burgers in the area!  Here at Dana Green Team, we can’t decide which one is the best out of the list below, so you can’t go wrong with any of these delicious options. Also, please let us know if your favorite isn’t listed here and we’ll be sure to go check it out!

Chow Lafayette http://www.chowfoodbar.com/laf_location.html.  Their burger on baguette is amazing!

Roam Burgerhttp://roamburgers.com/.  We love the “French and Fries” style…

Metro Lafayettehttp://metrolafayette.com/.  Tip!  They will make their delicious burger even if it is not on the menu…just ask!

Lafayette Park Hotel Bistro http://www.parkbistroandbar.com/.  There’s a new chef taking over and we’re curious – has he updated their signature burger?

Cooperage American Grille http://thecooperagelafayette.com/.  The newest challenger is the Cooperage burger giving the rest a run for their money.


Photo: Flickr/Kennejima, http://bit.ly/1vkJ5Gt

Dana Green Team is a proud platinum sponsor of Lafayette Partners in Education!

The Dana Green Team is a proud platinum sponsor of Lafayette Partners in Education!


Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) is a community-based education foundation run by parent volunteers working to enhance and expand the educational opportunities for students in Lafayette’s six public schools: Burton Valley, Happy Valley, Lafayette and Springhill Elementary Schools, Stanley Middle School and Acalanes High School.  Lafayette Partners in Education was founded in 1980 as Lafayette Arts & Science Foundation (LASF). They have a long, proud history of enriching the education of Lafayette school children.


Lafayette Partners in Education’s mission is to support and enrich the education of every child in the Lafayette public schools through a broad community-based effort.


See how you can get involved, donate and make a huge difference HERE.


Visit Lafayette Partners in Education for more information at: LPIC.org

City Manager’s Summary – Lafayette, California

Here is the latest in what’s going on in Lafayette from City Manager Steve Falk. Steve does an informative weekly roundup on Friday’s that we follow closely. We found this blog extremely informative and thought we’d pass it along. If you would like to subscribe to the City Manager’s Blog, please visit the City of Lafayette website at www.ci.lafayette.ca.us and on the front page you will see a link for the City Manager’s Updates. Click on this and then look for the link to the City Manager’s Friday Summary. You tool will be better connected to this wonderful City!







Saranap Village

Today, Contra Costa County Department of Conservation & Development issued the Draft Environmental Impact Report associated with the Saranap Village Mixed-Use Project, located in unincorporated Contra Costa County just east of Lafayette (many may know the neighborhood as home to Morucci’s famous delicatessen).  The project includes redevelopment of an area surrounding the intersection of Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue into a mixed-use village with up to 235 multi-family residential units, up to 30,000-square feet of street-level retail and restaurant uses, 14,200-square feet of amenities, and off-street structured parking.  The buildings will range from 46-feet to 80-feet tall.  The project also includes improvements to Boulevard Way and Saranap Avenue including reducing the vehicular lanes from four lanes to two lanes, a roundabout, and traffic calming elements.  The Draft EIR identifies potentially significant environmental impacts in aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, greenhouse gas emissions and energy, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, noise, transportation and traffic, and utilities and service systems.  Comments on the Draft EIR are due to the County Department of Conservation & Development by November 17th at 5:00 p.m.  A copy of the Draft EIR may be reviewed online atwww.cccounty.us/5195/Saranap-Village.  Questions about the project should be directed to William Nelson at (925) 674-7791 or William.nelson@dcd.cccounty.us.


Business Brief

Back to the Table Cooking School & Production Kitchen is a local cooking (& baking) school started by Lafayette sisters, Leslie Pease and Lisa Evaristo, with a passion for food and entertaining.  The school offers classes that range from sauces and sautéing, to Korean grill, to Oktoberfest, to a Downton Abbey Dinner Party.  Classes are offered for children, teens, and adults.  In addition to classes, the facility has a full production kitchen, with state-of-the-art equipment, that may be rented.  Back to the Kitchen, located at 271 Lafayette Circle, may be reached at (925) 284-1120 or online athttp://backtothetablecookingschool.com/.  Make sure you come by this weekend at the Art & Wine Festival to meet and purchase food from the amazing food vendors that work in the production kitchen.


Lafayette Maps

Would you like to know where Wireless Communication Facilities (WCF) are located in Lafayette?  The City recently released an inventory of all known Wireless Communications Facilities.  This inventory consists of a map depicting the physical locations of each facility accompanied with a photographic inventory of each site.  In addition to this map, the City maintains a Map Room at Lovelafayette.org that contains a vast array of maps, from trails, to zoning designations, to a street sweeping schedule.  They are available on your web browser, or you may download directly to your computer for quicker viewing.  Additionally, there’s an interactive mapping service where you can simply enter in a location of interest into the search bar, and the interactive map will take you there and provide you with basic information such as, zoning, parcel size, etc.  Check them out!

Chief Christensen

Notes from Chief Christensen:  The Best Detective is ALWAYS Mom

Last week we had what seems to be a common occurrence as of late.  A child rides their bike to school and forgets to lock the bike in the rack.  Mom comes to pick the child up and leaves the bike in the rack, unlocked, overnight.   The next morning, the bike is missing!  Mom contacts the school and speaks with a wonderful administrator who locates video of the suspect riding away on the bike.  Now, in most TV episodes, that’s when the case gets turned over to the police, but not in this episode.  Mom, angry that someone took her kid’s bike from the rack, scours Craigslist for the bike – and ACTUALLY FINDS IT, offered for sale from a seller in Pittsburg.  She reports the theft, provides a description of the bike and provides the officer with the Craigslist posting.  A couple of texts from our secret drug phone. . . a meet is set-up to buy the bike. . .and soon officers are knocking on the door of the suspect.   First question from the suspect is “Are you here to buy the bike?”  “Well, kind of,” the officer replies.  Twenty minutes later, after a full confession about the theft, the bike is loaded into the police cruiser and delivered back to the Chief of all Detectives, Mom.  I’ve always said that Moms solve more cases than the police ever will – no rules, no civil rights, they just go rogue.  While we’re happy to take the stat for another case solved, they’ll certainly be an asterisk next to this number – a tip of the hat to Mom.


Leeches!  In Lafayette!

On Monday, September 15th the City of Lafayette participated in The American Red Cross City Challenge Blood Drive, and it was a huge success. Councilmember Mark Mitchell represented the City Council and donated, and we had two local business who donated as well.  Susie Cakes came through with their very popular and delicious Red Velvet Mini-Cupcakes, and Powell’s Sweet Shoppe generously gave three gift cards that were used as raffle prizes. This event far exceeded the expectations of the Red Cross employees. While our final numbers are not known at this point, we were told we far exceeded their expectations. So a huge thank you to those who turned up and to our local businesses for their support. We are already looking forward to our 3rd Annual Blood Drive next year.


After School Pilot

An After School Enrichment Program, piloted by the City of Lafayette’s Parks, Trails & Recreation Department, offers an engaging variety of activities to our elementary school aged children.  Our staff and the respective PTA’s/PFC/PC selected sixteen different classes from dance, music and chess to French, drama and technology.   With 250 children enrolled at four elementary school sites, the program is off to a good start.


Plant a Seed.  Literally.

Native wildflower seeds are now available at the Lafayette Community Center.  Fall is the time to plant California wildflowers and seed packets are available at the Community Center thanks to summer seed collecting from all the native flowers that bloomed this year.  These plants are very drought tolerant.


Free Money for Worthy Causes!

The Lafayette Community Foundation (LCF) is accepting grant applications from local non-profits for its Fall grant cycle.  LCF invests in programs and projects that promote and enhance the civic, cultural, educational and environmental health of Lafayette and beyond.  ALL Applications must be received through the online application form- please go the Lafayette Community Foundation Website  and click on “apply for a grant.”  Note:  the deadline is September 30th!


Dr. Happy Inducted into Happiness Hall

We don’t make this stuff up.  It turns out that Lafayette’s own own “Dr. Happy” –– Dr. Bob Nozik – is being inducted into Stanford’s Happiness Hall of Fame along with baseball

Hall Of Famer Reggie Jackson, NBA player and broadcaster Jim Barnett, three time Super Bowl winner and TV analyst Bubba Paris, and others.  Dr. Nozik leads Lafayette Senior Services’ group Positive Living Forum, AKA the “Happiness Club”, and authored the book, “Happy 4 Life: Here’s How to Do It.”


Lafayette Creek Day

Do you want to learn about your local creeks? Or volunteer to help keep them healthy?  Come join us at Lafayette Creek Day!
Sunday September 28th
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Lafayette Community Park Ball fields
(480 St. Mary’s Road, 1,500 feet south of the Community Center)


There will be talk about trash cleanup and invasive plant removal, informational displays, educational talks,  creek tours, giveaways, and food and drinks for sale.  Come have lunch and celebrate the beautiful creeks of Lafayette


Las Trampas 5th Annual Walk & Roll

Gather your family and/or friends and join in on the Las Trampas 5th Annual Walk n’ Roll on Saturday, September 27, 9am-12pm. Meet in the Las Trampas parking lot at 3460 Lana Lane to check in and pick up your T-shirt, then head out to the Lafayette-Moraga Trail. The 5k run stretches from Las Trampas to Stanley School, return past Las Trampas to Olympic Blvd, then back to campus. The 1-mile trail is to Hawthorne Drive and back. On campus, wander the exhibits to learn about Emergency Preparedness, talk with ham radio operators, win prizes with KKDV, and enjoy refreshments and snacks, carnival games and more in our courtyard.   Registration is $25 to participate or to sponsor a client. Click here to register on line or call (925)310-2363. Or for more information:www.lastrampas.org

Date: 9/27/2014 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Cost: $25.00

Location: Las Trampas Campus Parking Lot
3460 Lana Lane
Lafayette, California

City Manager’s Summary – Lafayette, California

Here is the latest in what’s going on in Lafayette from City Manager Steve Falk. Steve does an informative weekly roundup on Friday’s that we follow closely. We found this blog extremely informative and thought we’d pass it along. If you would like to subscribe to the City Manager’s Blog, please visit the City of Lafayette website at www.ci.lafayette.ca.us and on the front page you will see a link for the City Manager’s Updates. Click on this and then look for the link to the City Manager’s Friday Summary. You tool will be better connected to this wonderful City!


From the Engineers:  Big Closures and Potential Backups This Weekend

Remember when Los Angeles had “carmaggedon”?  Well, Lafayette may have its own version this weekend because Reliez Station Road will be closed all day Saturday between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. for final paving.  To make things worse, PG&E will also be completing the last phase of its gas line testing this weekend and will have lane closures at the intersection of Mt. Diablo Boulevard/Moraga Road starting tonight and running all day Saturday until at least 5PM.  What this all means is that, with Snake Hill closed and Moraga Road under construction, tomorrow will be the finest day of all to not be in Lafayette.  Enjoy Santa Cruz!  Hello Mendocino!  Meanwhile, if you’re determined to stay in town, grease up that bicycle chain or lace up the walking shoes.  This could be bad, but the crews are trying to get the work done now before school starts.

Chief Christensen 

Notes from Chief Christensen:  It’s Back to School Time!

Speaking of school, it just seems like yesterday that the school year ended and now it’s time to start up again.  Where has the time gone?  Kids are excited about the new challenges and seeing their friends.  Parents, meanwhile, are stressed about getting the kids where they need to be while at the same time meeting the challenges of their full-time jobs.  For us at the police department, it’s also a change of season.  As you’d expect, you’ll see the officers spending more times in the neighborhoods of the schools, setting the tone for the new school year.  You’ll see the radar trailers urging people to slow down, and you’ll see friendly officers on motorcycles waving to the kids while handing out warnings and citations to the parents who drive on the sidewalk to get to the front of the line because they’re late for work.   We can predict with certainty that some people will stop in the middle of the intersection and block the road; not a problem, we know how to deal with that.  We’ll have the parents who get so frustrated that they yell at others and hit their cars with fists and purses, and of course we’ll have the neighbors who complain about the speeding cars going to and from the school, the increased traffic, and the congestion in the downtown area.  You can mark it on the calendar and set your watch to it.  It’s a Broadway show that comes to town, same time every year.  We can handle it; this is what we do every autumn.  And again, like clockwork, this is our reminder to you that we’ll be out in force to make sure the kids and everyone is safe around the schools.  Please you plan ahead and give yourself enough time.  If you do, we’ll stay out of your hair.


Recreating at the Community Center

As the Summer season winds down, Lafayette Recreation prepares for Fall.  The Fall Recreation Guide has been published and there are exciting new programs including an “Over 68 Men’s Slow Pitch Softball League” (yes, you read that correctly), a variety of “After School Enrichment Classes” at all four elementary school sites, and a “Back Care Yoga Workshop.”  The Guide also includes Fall Special events:  Fall Recreation Guide.

Then and Now 

Lafayette Then In the Now

We got inspired this week by that amazing the collaboration between the Poy Family, Branagh Construction, Craig Semmelmeyer, SZFM Architects and the City of Lafayette to restore the old stores along Plaza Way to their original condition.  Curious to see how true the new buildings are, we cranked up the Photoshop machine and inserted the old photos into new images of what’s out there today, and the result was surprisingly satisfying.  So satisfying, in fact, that we fished out several other old pictures and also dropped them into their current setting.  My, how Lafayette has changed.  Or, perhaps, hasn’t.  Can you identify these Lafayette locations?:

Then and Now


Then and Now


Then and Now

Then and Now


Then and Now

Then and Now

Then and Now


Then and Now


Then and Now


Then and Now


Then and Now


Then and Now

Then and Now

Next Week at the Lafayette Library and Learning Center

  • Eugene O’Neill Festival: A Sneak Peek, 8/21, 6:30pm >

Quote for the Week

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” –  Robin Williams

This weekly summary is prepared by City Manager Steve Falk for the Lafayette City Council and staff. 

Reliez Station Road Construction Update – Lafayette

Photo: Lamorinda Weekly/C Tyson


We are so excited that Reliez Station Road is reopened! Here’s the latest update on the construction from Lafayette City Engineer Tony Coe:

“The contractor has completed work on the utility structures early, so the road is now open and will remain open until further notice.The next phase of work is the final paving, striping, and other finishing work that would take about five days to complete. The asphalt plant appears overbooked, so at this time it is unclear when it will be able to deliver materials for the final paving. Tentatively, the contractor is targeting a 5- day period during the first couple weeks of August. When this work happens, the road will again be closed. We will post the dates on the electronic signs when we know, and you will also receive an update from me at that point.

The contractor is next moving onto St. Mary’s Road to work on the section north of Hope Lane. The road remains open during work, but there will be flagmen doing traffic control. Depending on when you may be traveling through that area, please expect traffic delays.”
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